Hi, I'm Chris.

I've been shooting professionally since 2009 within categories covering fashion, product, lookbooks, and editorials although my interests and pursuits are presently in photographing weddings, portraits, and events.

I am avid at capturing candid, fleeting moments through wedding, engagement, and event photography. It gives me great delight to see revealing moments within my frame while being at the right place at the right time, which is what drives my vision and passion.

My focus in my work is to deliver the best and uttermost sincere experiences. I'm driven by capturing the essence of the moment and would love you to consider my work and my services for your next wedding, engagement, or event.

Drop me a line for more information on prices and services and I'll be happy to serve you in the most prompt manner possible.



“What I love about working with Chris is actually what I feel he DOESN'T do as heavily as other professional photographers - poses. Oh sure, he's got the eye for the same rinse, wash, repeat poses we see on all of our friends' walls but what really shines is his uncanny ability to catch these one of a kind candid in-the-moment shots that are REALLY what you want to put on your walls - he gets the moments you make memories out of.”

—Arish & Rachelle

“Chris's work has a way of being able to put you right there in the image as if you were standing next to him. I swear it's like you see his stuff and your other senses can fill in the blanks for everything - the feel of the air in the shot, the warmth and joy of the party, the smell and taste of things.”

—Chris & Dia

“I had a wonderful experience with Chris! It was unlike any other “professional photography” session I have ever had. He is patient, kind, encouraging and artistic! My daughter felt comfortable - as you can see in the photos, which was something I was worried about but he did amazing with her. I love how he thinks out of the box to capture those special kodak moments, no posing needed! Chris has been our family photographer for years. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a great photographer."”

—Anthony & Sabrina